AFC Crossfit Coaches


 Head Coach Waylon Payne, L2

How long have you been Crossfitting/Coaching? 7
Favorite Lift?
Favorite WOD?
Powerlifting and breaking the ice.

I like: Lifting
I eat:
Protein and beer
I love:
working with people
I am:
better than yesterday

Something you might be surprised to know about me:
I struggle just as much as the next person. I need a push too!


George Smith, L2
How long have you been Crossfitting/coaching?
Crossfitting 2 years/coaching less than a year

Favorite Lift: Clean
Strength? Running
Weakness? Snatch, pistols & lunges
I like: being active
I eat: mostly everything but I limit sweets and sodas. 
I love: God, my kids, & my wife
I am: Leila & Lincoln’s dad, Aprils husband, and coach smith.
Something you might be surprised to know about me:  I hold the school record at concord university in the 400 meter hurdles. 54.04
Crossfit goals: To stay healthy/strong and be competitive in competitions.
Goals for my athletes: For them to wake their body up and see what it's capable of.  Also, for them to see personal bests in their lifts and runs.

Fran 2:53
Crossfit total- 900
400m sprint 49.6 lifetime pr (never again,lol)
5k run 20:36
Clean and Jerk- 276
Snatch- 205
DL- 425
Back squat 385
Front squat: 305
Muscle ups: 10

Leno Keaveny, L1

 How long have you been Crossfitting/coaching? 12 years
Favorite Lift? Snatch (Thrusters are favorite movement, but they aren't a lift).
Strength? Front squats and never quitting
Weakness? Pistols and sometimes I am over the top
I like: Yoda, Rocky, Plato
I eat: eggs, burgers, hummus
I love: my family and Canadians, especially Justin Bieber.
I am: a boy inside a man
Something you might be surprised to know about me:
My favorite movie is Cinderella Man. 
I fight for milk.
I am more impressed with the out of shape member trying Crossfit than a former athlete because it requires more courage



Susan Mrozek, L1

How long have you been Crossfitting? 3 1/2 years. Coaching? 2 years

Favorite Lift? Snatch or Back Squat
Strength? Kettlebell Swings
Weakness? Bodyweight movements and running
I like: good beer, wings, professional football and hockey
I eat: Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie ice cream and Reece's Eggs
I love: hanging with my family
I am: shy
Something you might be surprised to know about me: I love to hunt and fish. 
FGB PR 255
DL  255#
CFT 550
Karen PR 8:37
Grace PR 6:02
Randy PR 7:31
C&J  135#
BS  215#
FS  165#


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