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I’m not in love with CrossFit…….




            I’ve been in love as long as I can remember. It all started with Snoballs, those little chocolate snack cakes with cream in the middle and coconut pink icing. My Grandfather brought them to me every time he came over. IN LOVE. I was about four years old.


                Since then it’s only gotten worse. As I grew into Junior High it was Kangaroo purple tennis shoes. The purple shoes even had a zipper on the side for lunch money! I thought I was styling. IN LOVE WITH THOSE SHOES.


                Over the years I’ve been in love with so many things. For a while it was ballet. Then there was this stint with Tropicana orange juice to the tune of 2 quarts every three days. There have been affairs with Coke, Nehi  Peach soda, walking, biking, vegetarianism, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, track and field, perms, step class, tanning beds, basketball , red hair, yoga, acrylic nails, just to name a few. IN LOVE.


                Today I can count the times I drink soda in a year on one hand. We have orange juice in the fridge and I rarely have a glass. No step classes or yoga for me either. I haven’t dusted off all the yoga gear I absolutely had to have in about 3 years. I have discovered a flat iron and my nails are functional and easy to keep clean.  


                Totally, completely not in love with any of that stuff, just in love with different stuff (flavored coffee creamer and Sidney’s cinnamon rolls). That’s why I can say with absolute certainty that I am not in love with CrossFit! Being in love means inevitably falling out of love.


                Loving something means good or bad you’re in it for the long haul. You love your siblings, even when they irritate you. You love your pet, even when they chew up the TV remote. You love your kids, even when they spill the food they’re not supposed to have in the living room on the carpet.  You love your spouse, even when they forget your anniversary.


                Well. I love CrossFit. I love it when I walk in and see the board and immediately start having heart palpitations. I love it when it seems overwhelming and I wonder if I’ll be able to finish the WOD. I love it when we get to lift weights. I love it when a fellow CrossFitter PR’s. I love it when I can RX the workout. I love it when the new person realizes they finished their first WOD! I love it when I am able to finally do a new movement. I love it when it makes me sore. I love it when I am covered in chalk. I love it when I realize my mile is 40 seconds faster than last time. I love it even though there are pull-ups in the WOD that will make my time terrible. I love it when it’s Murph.  I love it when I’m the last one to finish and everyone is yelling at/for me. I love it when my hands are shredded and I know I won’t get any sympathy at home. Finally, I love it when there are Burpees.


                Yea, love is crazy.


Susan Mrozek, CF-L1


Post by Coach Amanda Daniels                                                                                                                           1/17/15
Have you registered for the Open yet??
If you are on the fence or think you can't do it; I think you SHOULD do it and you CAN do it!! It is a lot of fun and a great way to challenge yourself and see where you stand among others in the world. Last year people all over the world got their first chest to bar pull ups and strung together or got their double unders. There are different divisions including a scaled division this year.
Our box community does a great job of and cheering each other on. In the past we have gotten together on Fri nights and did the Open WOD and then socialized and shared delicious food!
Last year I signed up for the first time and had only been CrossFitting for about 10months. I loved it and had soo much fun. I really loved the experience and the challenge. I learned what my weaknesses were and definitely taught me I can push my body harder than what my mind says. I'm really bummed I can't do it this year but I will definitely be there to cheer and support all of you who are participating!
Step out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself and have fun...SIGN UP!


Post by Coach Kristen Summers                                                                                                                                     1/13/15
Community. That is what CrossFit or any realm of weightlifting is truly about. It is the thread that makes it all fun and keeps us coming back. I have made some of my closest friends through lifting and CrossFit. There are a few gym sisters who have gotten me through my tough patch this past month. I hadn't been motivated at all to do anything. I mean anything! I can probably count on both hands how many times I've trained in the past month or so. I am very thankful for these... special ladies. They've put up with me at my worst and made me feel like my old self again with a new outlook.
I may feel like I'm starting over. And that's okay. Yes, I'm nervous to do the final wod for the Throwdown with @bombshellwithabarbell this evening. And yes, what if I do worse at FGB on Saturday than I did a year ago. It's all okay. Log it and work on improving.
Lots of form work and lung building in my future. It's time for training to feel fun again. I'm okay if I finish worse than the very first year I did the open. I'm going to enjoy it and not stress. Maybe 2016 I may reach my goal of finishing in the top 150. This year is remembering why I train, for the love of it.
Felt very good to put my special snatch slippers on yesterday and today. @edansnatches has already broke down my problems with my PS today and is gonna work with me tonight. Point is, it felt fun to lift again! Thank you gym family for bringing me back to the box!!


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