AFC CrossFit Rates

Crossfit Rates

**2017/2018 Rates**

Established Member Monthly Rates

(Year Contract Required)

$125 Single
$200 Couple
$275 Family

*These rates include AFC gym membership as well as group fitness and yoga.  The gym does have a full changing room with shower and sauna.  

**Childcare is available to you upon request with an additional fee.

On Ramp Class - This is an introduction into CrossFit and is scheduled at specific times of the year based on demand.  This class typically runs for about a month.  $150/person.

***Current AFC GYM ONLY MEMBERS!!  Upgrade your membership to CrossFit TODAY for only $100/month (renewing your yearly contract is required)***


Punch Card & Drop in Fees 

Drop in fees are $20 per session or a punch card may be purchased for $120 for 10 sessions. Punch cards are good for 90 days.

Anyone choosing to do the drop in or punch card must complete the fundamentals training within the first of attending regularly scheduled WOD’s.



Why does CrossFit cost more?

A better question would be why is CrossFit so inexpensive? Personal training consists of someone planning a workout or series of workouts for you, teaching you the moves in the workout, and monitoring you while you do the workout. 

Average rates for personal training go from $55-75 an hour at all local gyms. CrossFit classes consist of someone planning a workout every day, teaching you the moves in the workout you're about to do, and coaching you on form and technique while you do the workout. 

Additionally, CrossFit is a measurable program that develops consistent fitness gains over time using the most effective workout methodology ever created - all in a group setting with friendly people who actually care to learn your name and encourage you to give your 100%. .  

This high level of coaching is possible by having experienced trainers and maintaining a relatively low athlete to trainer ratio of 9 to 1 or less, meaning if we know there will be 12 people in a class we're going to have 2 trainers in that class. Average rates for CrossFit memberships are $100-$150 a month. 

We understand the economics of our area and are providing this opportunity to our community at a much lower rate than the national average. If you are interested in CrossFit but it is not economically feasible for you please contact us to see if we can assist you in making CrossFit available to you at a reduced rate.

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