January 1st and 4th, 2016 | "Crossfit Total or Endurance Total"

One class time today from 10-noon. The workout will be either:
"Crossfit Total"
~1RM Back Squat
~1RM Strict Press
~1RM Deadlift

1 Mile Run FT
1000 Meter Row FT
100 Double Unders

We will be offering both WOD options again Monday. Whichever workout you choose today, do the other on Monday.
No childcare provided today. Please plan accordingly :)

On Saturday, January 2nd, we will have our first of several Saturday Seminars to help get you prepped for the Open or to just brush up on your technique and skills. Our first seminar will be all about Olympic lifts and taught by Coach Waylon. Start time is 10 am :)

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