Monday, July 18th 2016 | "Don't Drop The Baby!"

It's A Boy!!
**It's a BOY!**
We will be having a baby shower/diaper wod in all classes today for Alli and Garrett. There will be a gift table set up in the box all day...please help us welcome our newest Crossfit beast by bringing a package of diapers/wipes (or anything else you'd like!) We can't wait to meet the baby who will likely arrive already doing muscle ups and handstand pushups :)

Back Squat
1x10 at 60%
1x8 at 70%
1x6 at 75%
1x4 at 80%

Partner WOD:
"Don't Drop The Baby!"
~100 Cal Row
~100 Pushups
~100 Overhead Walking Lunge 45/25
~100 Mountain Climbers
~100 Wall Ball 20/14
~100 Double Unders
~100 Hang Power Cleans 115/75
Partner One works while Partner Two holds a KB (the baby) in front rack. You may switch hands or hold the bell however you like in front rack but if you drop it, there is a 5 burpee penalty. Switch between partners as needed...but remember, don't drop the baby!!

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