Tuesday, September 3, 2013 | " Festivus Game WOD 1"

1. Thruster ladder
Feats of Strength

10 bars of ascending weights
M/F 95#-185/65#-155
novice 65#-155/35#-125

After the athlete has made their final attempt at a weight (successful or not) you may perform maximum:

  • DOUBLE UNDERS(intermediates)
  • SINGLE UNDERS(beginners)

*** Reps will be counted as partial points

*This event will run as an Every Minute On the Minute(EMOM)
*With the bar starting on the ground the athlete will clean the bar, reach a full depth squat and then press the bar overhead.
**The rep is complete when the elbow, hips and knees are fully locked out.
***A squat clean is acceptable.
*The athlete may make as many attempts as possible until the clock hits the top of the next minute.
**The rep must be complete before time is up

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