Thursday, August 7, 2014 | "WV Open WOD 2"


Front Squats 115/75 (50+ and junior divisions: 75/55)

Sit-Ups (butterfly legs with flats of feet/heels keeping in constant contact; shoulder blades on the ground; arms cannot swing behind the head; touch the toes of your shoes)

Juniors 13-15 55/45#

8 Minute Time Cap=1 Second Penalty for every rep not completed

Submission deadline will be Saturday at 8pm.  No late submissions.  Submit your results as soon as the box goes live!


Front Squat

• Bar must come from the ground

• Top of hip below top of knee at bottom of squat

• Stand up completely with knees locked out and hips open (no short or closed hip)

• Chest up at top (hard to have chest down with an open hip, but covering all bases here)

Sit Up

• Both shoulders must touch ground

• Athlete cannot anchor feet.  Must be in free space

• Ab Mat is NOT required

• Hands can never come past the head (see video for examples)

• Crossing arms on chest is legal

• May not grab legs when coming up

• Legs must be butterfly with heels touching at all times

• Feet must never come off of the ground

• Athlete will touch tops of toes with both hands

• Not touching toes is a no rep.  Touching heels or mid foot only is not far enough

• Distance from heels to hips is not designated

• Butt may come off of the ground as long as every other standard is met


Featured Athletes: Ryan Scott and Sean Conrad

WV Open WOD 2


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