Monday, August 18, 2014 | "14.5"

Featured Athlete: Zane Scott
WV Open 14.5

Open, 40-49 & 16-19 divisions

15 Minute AMRAP:

5-Toes to Bar

10-Snatches 95/65#

15-Double Unders*

*Open division must be unbroken

1 Rep Max Deadlift completed during the 15 minute AMRAP

Add total reps and highest deadlift weight lifted together for overall score


13-15 & 50+ divisions

15 Minute AMRAP:

5-Hanging Leg Raises (Toes above waist)

10-Snatches 75/45#

15-Double Unders

1 Rep Max Deadlift completed during the 15 minute AMRAP

Add total reps and highest deadlift weight lifted together for overall score



Toes to Bar

  • Heels have to break vertical plane behind body (no jumping off of the ground or a box)
  • Toes, top of feet or bottom of feet make contact together at the same time inside of the athlete’s hands (shins touching do not count)
  • No contact with the bar or not touching at the same time is a no rep
  • Toes above waist has the same requirement of the heels breaking behind the body
  • For Toes Above Waist: Judging from a side position the judge will count all reps where the toes break the horizontal plane at the waist


  • May be treated as a ground to overhead (you do not have to snatch it)
  • Bar locked out overhead with knees and hips locked out
  • Bar must touch the ground on every rep

Double Unders

  • Misses do not count
  • Unbroken for Open division only
  • As long as the rope keeps moving it will be considered unbroken (if you do 1 or more single unders between each double that would still be considered unbroken)
  • Open division if you run out of time at the end of the 15 minutes and do not complete all 15 double unders (for example you get 12 and time runs out) then you get no score for that round of doubles.  In other words it's all 15 or nothing.  Again, Open division only.


  • Conventional or sumo deadlifts will be allowed
  • Deadlift can be performed as little or as much as desired and at any point during 15 minutes allotted for the AMRAP
  • Bar can start with no more than 135 pounds loaded on it (but may start with less if athlete desires)
  • You may use a separate bar for the snatches, but only 1 bar for the deadlift
  • Athlete must load their own bar
  • Bar must be loaded evenly with exactly the same weight on each side.  If mis-loaded it is a missed lift and no weight will be counted. (Judge may help with math but not loading)
  • Bar clamps/clips are not required and will not be counted in weight lifted
  • Pound plates (no kilos) will be used
  • No record breaking plates (1/2, ¾, 1 pound, etc) 2-1/2 pound plates are legal.
  • Athlete will lift barbell to hip extension with knees locked out and shoulders slightly behind the bar and will be given the “down” command once they display control (no movement, solid grip on bar, etc.)
  • Over extension of the back at the top resulting in the knees bending is not locked out
  • The lift is not over until the bar is returned to the floor with both hands on it.
  • No you may not drop the barbell at the top and the lift be counted.  Locking the barbell out at the top is ½ of the deadlift.  Bar must be returned to the ground with hands in contact with it the entire time for the rep to count.
  • Belts are allowed.  Obviously no lifting straps.  Gloves are legal with proper amount of ridicule provided by all those in attendance.

Scoring and scenarios

  • Each rep of the AMRAP counts as 1 point
  • Each pound of weight on the highest deadlift amount will count as 1 point
  • Both numbers will be added together when you submit your score for 14.5
  • An athlete may choose to skip the deadlift and only do the AMRAP portion of the workout
  • An athlete may choose to skip the AMRAP and only focus on pulling their best deadlift
  • It should go without saying but athletes should be sufficiently warmed up prior to the start of the 15 minutes if they plan to pull a deadlift.  They must start with no more than 135 on the barbell but could (and should) have warmed up with much heavier weight in warm up.

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