Thursday, August 21, 2014 | "14.6"

Featured athlete: Coach Erik Daniels
WV Open 14.6

12 min AMRAP

10 Wall Ball 20/14#
8 Pull Ups (Open-C2B)
6 pistols – alternating


Wall Ball

  • All males will throw to 10’ target
  • All females will throw to 9’ target
  • Men’s Open, 16-19 & 40-49 use 20# med ball
  • Women’s Open, 16-19 & 40-49 use 14# med ball
  • 13-15 & 50+ males use 14# med ball
  • 13-15 & 50+ females use 10# med ball
  • Movement must start with a full squat
  • Ball must hit target.  Missed target is no rep
  • If med ball touches ground before the 10th rep is completed athlete must take a full step away from the ball before resuming reps (no bouncing and catching)
  • Athlete may drop 10th throw as long as the med ball hits the target

Pull Ups

  • Open is the only division that must do Chest to Bar
  • Open division must make contact with the bar anywhere from the clavicle down
  • All athletes must start with straight arms at the bottom of the movement.  No jumping pull ups.
  • Chin must break the horizontal plane. Not over the bar as stated in the video(allowing for butterfly and again Open will do C2B)


  • Open, 16-19 & 40-49 must do pistols
  • 13-15 & 50+ will do a full squat and jump over bar (with bumpers) to same rep scheme (6 reps)
  • Pistols must be alternating (3 each leg = 6 reps)
  • Crease of the hip below knee and coming to full hip extension without the raised foot touching the ground at any point, completes 1 rep
  • Athlete may hold any part of the foot as long as the foot never touches the ground or the other leg (no crossing your legs)
  • Leg off of the ground must be in front of athlete’s body (not behind the body…I’ve seen it)
  • If athlete stumbles before locking out, they may continue to fight for hip opening as long as the other foot never touches the ground
  • Athlete MAY hold a weight as a counter balance if they choose
  • Obviously the hands cannot touch the ground or any objects around during the pistol
  • 13-15 & 50+ complete a full squat and jump over a bar any direction they want (lateral or forward)
  • Both feet must leave the ground at the same time and both feet land at the same time
  • If athlete skips over the bar they do not have to do another squat to get that rep, just re-jump to the standard

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