Monday, February 2, 2015 | "Wall Ball Wonderland"

We have quite a few things coming up this week. Our programming this week will be geared toward getting you ready for the 2015 Crossfit Open!!! We will be working on getting your engines primed and ready as well as making sure your body is properly mobilized for whatever the Open throws your way. We will also be starting back up our popular Competition Class on Friday evenings at 6:30. Come join us to mentally and physically prepare yourself for the Open, upcoming competitions or just to experience a great and challenging class. Finally, we will be offering a nutrition seminar next Sunday, Feb 8th at 2 pm. Coach Erik will be breaking down the 411 on how to fuel your body to achieve your goals and maximize results. $5 a person. We will offer body composition tests during ALL classes on Wednesday as part of this seminar as well.


~200m Row
~25 Medball Cleans
~25 Medball Situps
~1 minute as many Wall Balls as possible
Restart WOD after that minute at 200m row and repeat cycle until you have completed 150 wall ball reps total. RX weights are 20/14...scale as needed. Keep your own time and have fun!! :)

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