Thursday, February 26, 2015 | "12 Min AMRAP"

Hey Beasts...tomorrow is the release of the Open WOD 15.1 and match up of Froning and Fraser. We will have a computer and projector here at the box to show the release if anyone wants to join us and watch. Starts at 8
Partner Skill:
6 rounds each of
:30 sec spin
:30 sec row
Tally spin rotations and calories for row.
Partner 1 will row for :30 sec, Partner 2 will then spin. Switch places and repeat.

12 Min AMRAP of
~6 Push Press
~12 Weighted Walking Lunges (use same weight as push press...can either choose front or back rack)

Competition 155/105
RX 135/95
Intermediate/MidMasters 115/85
Novice/Masters 105/75

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