Friday, April 17, 2015 | "Could Be Anything"

We have all been there...8 pm, no post.
9 pm, no post.
10 pm...still, no post?
Come ON, post the WOD already!

Well, I can save you the constant check backs tonight because you will only find this little lovely nugget until you stroll into the gym tomorrow. Why? Well, because Crossfit is like real-life...sometimes you just have to be prepared for whatever life throws at you. You never know if today is the day you need running shoes or lifters (better bring both). You might not know if today you will need wrist wraps or knees sleeves (better have both). Or maybe today you will need a jump rope or a little extra mental grit (I'd also bring both). Maybe today you will need to use your fitness for something expected like Crossfit class...or maybe today your fitness will require you to do something you never could see coming (this is why you prepare for both).

So show up with a smile and determination both to crush whatever is on the whiteboard and have fun doing it!
Better than yesterday, Beasts!!

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