Monday, April 27, 2015 | "Partner WOD"

DON'T FORGET!! Crossfit Never Give Up will be at the box from 4-8pm on Monday. Stop by and stock up on Crossfit shoes, gear and apparel. Looking for something specific? Message Tonya or Drew Parsons on FB or Crossfit Never Give Up.

Skill Review:
Muscle Clean
Muscle Snatch
Sotts Press 

Partner WOD:
3 Rounds of
~20 Burpee Muscle Up
~40 Front Squats 155/105
~400 Meter Run
Burpee Muscle Up may be ring or bar. Modifications will be burpee c2b, pullup or ring row. No bands allowed.
Front Squats must be cleaned from floor on initial rep. No racks allowed.
You may partition the reps as needed but only one partner works at a time. The 400 meter run will be together and both partners must be finished with the run before beginning a new round.

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