Monday, July 20, 2015 | "Nicole"

In one word, amazing!!! We really have one of the best communities of athletes. So very proud of all of you. From those who competed in the Crossfit and Powerlifting events, to those who gave up a beautiful Saturday to help judge, load and unload equipment, to those of you who cheered and sent words of encouragement...simply thank you. We couldn't be any prouder of you ALL. Here's to another week putting in work for our goals...not just for ourselves but for our fellow athletes as well. We are strong as individuals but we are even stronger as a community. Beasts, unite!! In 3,2,1...GO!!

Pullup Progressions
(Kipping/butterfly/chest to bar)

20 Minute AMRAP of:
~400 meter run
~Max Pullups
Your score is your total # of pullups.
Once you come off the bar, that set of pullups is over and you must run before trying another set :)

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