Friday, October 9, 2015 | "Deck of Cards"

It's Free Friend Friday!!!!!!!
Bring a friend to experience Crossfit. If they love it and sign up for a Crossfit membership, you win a FREE month for yourself!! Win, win!

Review Movements/ Mobility

Hearts: KB Deadlift 70/53 (35/36)
Diamonds: Box Jumps 24/20 (Step Ups)
Clubs: Wall Balls 20/14
Spades: Plated Situps (Situps)
Jokers: 10 Burpees and you BOTH must complete these :)
((Modifications are in parenthesis))

Take a deck of cards, shuffle and split the deck with your partner.
Face cards are 10,
Aces are 11,
Numbered cards as valued
Flip each card and perform the
movement and the number of reps specified.
Cycle whole deck. When your stack is finished, you may help your partner. Record time.

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