Functional Capacity Evaluation

Active Recovery Physical Therapy offers half day Functional Capacity Evaluations by a Matheson trained evaluator.

Why is Active Recovery Physical Therapy’s Functional Capacity Evaluation the best in the region?

We use a system that is based on respect for the client.

Our testing system is reliable and valid; test scores are dependable and measure what is intended to be measured.

  • Testing can be modified to answer your questions.
  • Did the client demonstrate full and consistent effort?
  • Is the client able to return to work at this time?
  • If unable to return to his/her usual and customary job:
  • What physical deficits hinder their ability to return to work?
  • What modifications are necessary for return to modified work?
  • Which rehabilitation options exist at this time?
  • Determine the client’s current functional abilities.
  • Determine recommendations for work restrictions. 

Reports are provided within 24 hours of test completion.

Reports clearly compare the client’s critical job demands with their current abilities.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have regarding our Functional Capacity Evaluation.  

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