Active Fitness Kids Korner


Get fit without leaving the kids behind.  The Kids Korner is a sitting service you can use while you exercise.  The Korner room in Active Fitness is dedicated to the healthy play- toys, games, and fun!

We Love Kids

Active Fitness isn't a gym- it's a family.  We care about promoting good health, fitness, and an active lifestyle in our community.  What's a great way to do that?  Take care of kids.

A Simple Program

The Kids Korner is our way of promoting fitness to members with children.  You can bring your kids with you to work out, and we'll play with them while you do.

What We Do

We go to the Kids Korner, a play room dedicated to our youngest members.  There are plenty of books, games, videos, and lots of room to play.

What We Don't Do


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